Bill Wizard Pro is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software whose main function resides in helping you keep track of due payments, enabling you to never miss a deadline ever again or confront yourself with late fees.

The application features a rather basic user interface, yet it is sufficiently simple and practical so that even inexperienced individuals will not face too much difficulty in getting the hang of it.

The main window displays your current unpaid debts, while the various buttons allow you to add your loans, expenses and payments.

For starters, you can give your income entry a name and input a value for your paycheck, as well as the receival interval (how many times a month). Subsequently, you can add your expenses, along with the sum, the ‘Due’ date and check the corresponding box if it has already been paid.

You can also monitor automatic payments, to subtract the sum of money from your income at a given date. In the ‘Credit Card / Loans Totals’ section, you can add your card debts, with the return you made, taking into account the interest. Similarly, you can track loans by entering the amount you borrowed.

In the ‘Essentials’ area of Bill Wizard Pro, you can enter the ‘Groceries’, ‘Gas’, ‘Restaurant’ and other ‘Miscellaneous’ expenses you may have made, calculating their total and updating the data in the main section of the program. When a payment date is approaching, it can issue an alert several days before the deadline.

All in all, Bill Wizard Pro is a simple yet effective utility that aims to assist you in managing your financial situation, making sure you track everything you earn and spend, while also ensuring you never forget to pay important bills.