Binfer is a simple yet powerful piece of software that allows you to share large-sized files and send or receive mails at the same time.

Compressing, passwording and splitting files is time-consuming and can become troublesome, not to mention that you need different applications that would help you accomplish all these tasks. With its revolutionary file transfer technology, Binfer makes the necessity of using the previously mentioned actions unnecessary.

With this tool, you can directly transfer messages with large attachments without uploading and downloading data from third-party servers.

Sharing both small or large-sized files such as HD videos, DVD and Blu-ray movies, documents, images, music tracks or executables can be a lot faster using Binfer than other email or FTP services that limit your attachment to approximately 25MB.

Enabling the Web Pickup and Web Drop built-in tools allow your recipients to receive files without having to download any desktop applications, as well as receive files directly on their computers and portable devices from any web browser.

As far as securing data is concerned, because send files are not stored on any remote servers, your mail attachments are not vulnerable to malicious or hacker attacks. Another security measure is that if the recipient is offline, the transfer process comes to a halt and automatically resumes as soon as both you and the receiver are online. Plus, all transfers are private and confidential because Binfer uses 128-bit AES encryption algorithms.

Although, as a more advanced security measure it would be reassuring to know that future versions would benefit from 192 and 256- bit cipher keys and provide you with different security measures.

To sum things up, Binfer is a great alternative to Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Google or other mailing services because it allows direct and secure transfer of large amounts of data.

Even tough the application allows you to add folders, sub-folders and files as attachments no matter their size, you cannot remove all files in one go, you have to remove them one by one, something that can become tiresome and tedious.