Bingo Caller is an easy-to-use and intuitive software that will help users run a Bingo session.

When you open Bingo Caller, you see a "Flash Board" with all possible numbers (called numbers are displayed bolded and in a different color), a pull-down menu for selecting Winning Patterns, a display for the Winning Pattern, a large display of the called number, a slider to change the Calling Speed and pushbuttons to control the game.

You may select a Winning Pattern from the drop-down menu or you may click on the cells manually to make the desired pattern. If the cell is Black, it will turn to White, and if a cell is White, it will turn to Black. You can change the Winning Pattern when the game is paused.

Press the "Start Game" button. A number will be called and the Flash Board will update. A "Pause" button is provided to stop the action when someone calls "Bingo" to allow the numbers to be checked against the Flash Board and the Winning Pattern. When the action is paused, the button will display "Continue" and pressing this button will continue the calling. A "Clear Game" button is provided to use when a game is over.

Sound is supported. Sound may be turned On or Off using the Sound menu pick.The menu bar has a Reference pick with links to three Internet Bingo sites.

The menu bar has a Font Color pick to let you select a different color schemes (blue, green, red, orange, and purple). You can change the color scheme between games.