Most of us are used to work with the tools bundled with the operating system when it comes to file management, simple calculations, even photo and video playing. There is an application, though, that encompasses all of the above and many more: Biswarup Universe.

The first contact with this software can be a bit misleading because it comes with a very ordinary looking interface. It is not too well polished and also it cannot be moved unless you keep resizing its sides until it reaches the place on the desktop where you want to keep it.

The sole purpose of the application is to offer you the utilities you need the most from a single interface. It includes a set of calculators as well as many science-related apps, a quiz utility and also a set of simple games.

Also on the functional side, Biswarup Universe provides some useful converters for time, temperature or numerals, but it includes some advanced features such as a file explorer or a system information viewer. If you need to check out the weather, just click the corresponding link in the main window and you will be take to an online page where you can specify the location and view the forecast.

All in all, you shouldn't expect Biswarup Universe to become a must have, but if you have some spare time, it is worth a try because in spite of its rather childish GUI the app can be fun to explore.