BitCopy is a small tool that enables you to configure sets to copy various files from your local or remote directories. Copy set, in this case, refers to the data to be copied from a source to a target folder based on strict instructions.

The highlight of the app drives from the fact that you can pinpoint the exact files that you want to copy to another directory. Using the File Query Language developed by MollieSoft, the tool allows you to select files using filter expressions where you can specify file name, size and the date it was written.

It goes without saying that you can build your own expression, based on criteria that are relevant for your project. Moreover, you can test the filters so that you can be certain that they work. Before the data is processed, the app checks the expression against the ones existing in the source and target folders. It is up to you to decide is the utility can overwrite the newest data, all files or simply copy without changing the existing files.

As you probably hinted, the application allows you to migrate the desired files manually as soon as you add your set of instructions for the set. Nevertheless, if you are not planning to stay in front of the computer, you can use the scheduler located in the lower area of the UI to set an hour and minute when the files should be copied from one directory to another.

All in all, BitCopy is a program that can be especially useful for teams who need to share information and data in real time after verifying and updating various documents. At the same time, it can be helpful for anyone who modifies documents daily or perhaps several times per day, as it reduces the times spent on transferring the data to the right directory.