Be it that you choose to do it for backup purposes, or for other reasons, saving online data for offline use can turn into a quagmire really quick if we’re talking large volumes of data, spread over various websites or platforms. Email data makes no exception, and saving your messages, complete with attachments, can be a challenging task. This is exactly what BitRecover Email Attachment Downloader Wizard addresses, through a simple, centralized platform that supports a wide range of email providers and offers a straightforward exporting scheme.

By far, one of the main strengths of BitRecover Email Attachment Downloader Wizard, which became apparent right away, was the fact that it supports such a wide range of email providers and platforms.

Leaving that aside, users will need, however, to go one extra step when it comes to logging into their accounts, as they will have to generate a one-time “App Password” in order to access their data, and a handy tutorial is also provided.

When it comes to actually selecting the email data that one can export, this is a simple task, thanks to the clickable tree structure, which will allow you to easily choose the required elements.

Furthermore, if wanting to make the entire endeavor even more efficient, the application also comes equipped with a decent filtering module, which allows you to choose which data is to be set for exporting.

This application addresses those who wish to keep their email data offline, and it will help them save it from a wide range of email providers, by selecting the preferred items and exporting them with ease.