You don’t have to tie yourself to the email account you’ve been using for several years. Owing to email migration and conversion tools being so widespread and accessible, there’s really little need to stay if something isn’t going right.

BitRecover Vault Converter Wizard is a new entry into this market, and though it was mainly designed to handle Google Vault conversions, it can very well be used for Outlook conversion and migration duties. Many saving options are available, making this program quite versatile from the jump.

Right out the gate, the program instructs users on how to use it. Practical is perhaps the best way to describe the interface: no unnecessary UI elements are shown, and what you see is what you get.

Select your mailbox data, and use Recovery Mode if you’re dealing with possibly corrupted files. This will engage the program’s recovery functionality, which will attempt to retrieve any missing folders.

Speaking of folders, the software will prompt you to select the ones you wish to convert. This is useful, because it enables you to only convert the folders of interest for an efficient process.

Before commencing the conversion process, the program presents users with a series of options concerning the saving of their mailbox. In this screen, you’ll be able to choose a suitable extension for your needs, of which there are quite a lot: .MSG, .EML, .MBOX, and other email formats are available, but it’s likewise possible to convert your stuff into .PDF, .DOC, and even .JPEG and .PNG.

It’s also worth considering how you wish to name your files. The software lets users set a file naming convention that works for them, which is a feature I find very useful for its organizational benefits.

In addition, you should consider going into the Filter Options screen to set up a few filters. This can help you better designate the emails you wish to convert in the end. Exclude certain folders, set a date range, only consider emails from or to a certain contact, and more

Besides being versatile enough for a series of email conversion duties, BitRecover Vault Converter Wizard is also rather easy to use, so give it a try if you’re looking to use a different mailbox and carry your stuff over.