Blaze Audio Voice Cloak is a small software program that lets you disguise, morph or improve your voice.

The interface of the application is really easy to handle by any type of user, seeing that the whole main window will occupy just 5cm of your screen. On the upper side are shown all the available options, while settings to change one’s voice are displayed on the rest of it, such as “Pitch,” “Warble” and “Volume”.

The UI is customizable because it integrates several themes that you can switch between, such as “Blue Theme,” “Dark Theme,” “Pink Theme” and “Purple Theme”.

The application has several default voice effects that you can use, like “Echo,” “Chorus,” “Robot Voice” and “Flange”. In addition to that, certain presets resembling popular cartoon voices are available like Lola, Dr. Plutino, Bart, Godfrey Daniels and so on.

Creating your own voice is also a possibility in the app, as well as saving it in case you might want to use it at a later date.

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak supports “Acousticons”. These are short and funny sound effects that you can add in the middle of any conversation. You can add a “Rooster,” “Quacking duck,” “Crying baby” and “Whoo hoo” etc.

All in all, Blaze Audio Voice Cloak is a piece of software which can easily help you alter your voice. By using Bart Simpson’s voice or a Robot voice, for example, you can have fun on voice chats or video conferences with your friends and family.