People all over the world choose to use Internet in various ways, be it for study, work or entertainment. Those who like to chat with friends whenever they want to relax, might also enjoy Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus as it allows them to add a funny twist to their voice.

After installing Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus, users will need to activate the application over the Internet so as to be able to use it during the evaluation period.

Once this step is completed, users can access the main window of the software utility and get accustomed with its several functions.

Beginners should not feel overwhelmed by these features as the best way to learn how to use the app is to experiment and to modify values until the result is satisfying. They should run their chat application, start Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus, select the effect they want to apply, then enjoy the output.

The software supports several VoIP (Voice-over-IP) clients, such as Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, or ICQ, and they need to be running before applying the enhancements provided by Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus.

Not only can users adjust the pitch and treble of their voice, but they can also use so-called accousticons for enhancing one’s voice and sound funnier. The app also includes several voice effects that can be mixed and combined for a more complex result, or they can be disabled altogether.

Another function of Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus is that it can record the monitored conversations so that users can have fun with friends when listening to them all over again. Before recording any stream, users need to select the devices they prefer for playback and recording.

All in all, Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus can come across like a entertaining application, yet its flexibility and numerous possible configurations make it much more than that as it can make chatting more fun than before. However, a license is required if users want to enjoy its functions past the evaluation period.