Blitz Caller ID Display is a lightweight application designed to help you configure EXT telephone lines, internal and external numbers, of incoming or outgoing phone calls. The software can receive data through the TAPI feature and PBX Panasonic KX-TD/KX-TDA devices.

Blitz Caller ID Display gathers information about the user at the other end of the telephone line, by running their phone number through a caller ID function of the PBX Panasonic tool. You can easily set up a database of telephone numbers associated with people or companies, and view their names displayed whenever they call.

Additionally, you can record the conversation and save it as a call note. You can view all the notes at any time or set them to appear when the same user calls again. The conversation details are being stored in a phone call log that you can easily access from the Settings window. Moreover, you can redirect calls when you are unavailable, as well as make the calls back to a certain user.

Blitz Caller ID Display features two main usage methods, depending on the existence or absence of a local area network. If such a network is unavailable to you, you can use the software to establish a direct connection of the computer with the PBX Panasonic KX-TD/KX-TDA device, by using a USB cable.

If you have access to the network, however, you may receive the caller data by the means of the telephony application programming interface (TAPI) lines, and view it on any computer connected to the network.

The software enables you to view caller IDs, such as numbers dialed over an intercom or by an external caller, outgoing and incoming calls, as well as conversation length.

Blitz Caller ID Display is a useful tool that allows you to view the identity and phone number of a user that makes an incoming or outgoing call. Moreover, you may configure the response behavior in case a call needs to be redirected, forwarded or ignored. You may keep a record of the conversations, a database of clients and companies, as well as monitor internal calls.