Japan has always advertised itself as a country of great beauty and rich culture, and one of the highlights of this statement is the short period when the sakura trees are in fool bloom.

Blooming Sakura 3D Screensaver is an animated wallpaper and screensaver that will bring some of the mystic beauties of Japan to your monitor.

Strictly from a design standpoint, the app doesn't showcase a lot of shadow effects, reflective surfaces, dynamic movements or incredible lighting effects, and that is probably also what gives it its charm.

The few elements that are present, the eponymous sakura trees that are in full bloom, along with the mountains and Japanese castle that can be seen in the background are made with a great sense of responsibility.

The 3D rendering is flawless, as all flowers look as if they were made one by one and not batch processed, the textures are of the highest quality, even on the leaves that are closest to the camera. More so, the smooth animation gives a realistic impression that the branches are being blown gently by the wind.

The soundtrack is also a nice touch, as the music is soothing, and the environmental effects such as the birds chirping all give off a magical spring-like vibe.

Considering the number of 3D rendered branches and leaves the computer had to render simultaneously, it came as no surprise that the framerate had low values. This issue was especially noticed while running the app in animated screensaver mode.

Fortunately, the app's setup allows you to access a proprietary screensaver manager from where you could access the settings menu. There you can adjust various audio and video settings so that you will ensure that everything is running smoothly.

For example, you can adjust the overall graphics quality, sound volume, and screen resolution, while also being able to disable the sounds and music, or even replace the music with the one you have stored in your library.

Blooming Sakura 3D Screensaver impresses both through graphics and a nice soundtrack, delivering a wonderful experience overall. THis makes the app worthy to be in anyone's digital library, especially if their system is running a good graphics card.

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