Blu-ray to DVD II Professional is a small software application designed specifically for helping you copy Blu-ray movies to AVCHD or DVD.

The tool adopts a simple layout that gives you the possibility to choose between four main features, namely copy a Blu-ray movie to DVD, split a Blu-ray clip into two sets of DVD-5, and copy a Blu-ray to AVCHD or multi-AVCHD.

A single click on the target parameter gets you quick access to a configuration panel which looks pretty much the same for all copying options. There’s also support for a help manual in case you want to find out more about the utility’s features.

Blu-ray to DVD II Professional allows you to compress a Blu-ray movie to one DVD-5 or DVD-9 disc by simply specifying the input and output destination. Additionally, you may eject the disc from your CD-ROM with just one click.

The program offers support for several configuration settings for each copying process. You may pick a temporary directory, choose the burning speed, enter the default number of copies, set the default DVD-5 and DVD-9 size, specify the chapter length (in minutes), and select the reading speed.

Last but not least, you can enable the GPU HST accelerator, activate the DVD maximum bitrate check, as well as verify data when the burning process is finished.

On the downside, the application is not able to compress encrypted Blu-ray discs, so you may need to appeal to third-party software before converting discs with this program. Output quality is very good but you should be careful about the compression process as it may lead to some quality loss, especially if you opt for converting a large Blu-ray movie to just one DVD-5.

To sum things up, Blu-ray to DVD II Professional doesn’t bring anything new to the table in terms of copying options and compression options. It keeps things pretty simple and basic so even rookies can learn to work with its features in no time. If you are looking for a straightforward tool that lacks in-depth configuration settings and offers very good output quality, then this app may be exactly what you need.