Blu-ray Video Grabber was designed to offer movie enthusiasts a way to watch high-quality Blu-ray films without having to own a player or provide a disc. The application should help you rip Blu-ray to MKV, so you can enjoy your favorite cinematic pieces on your computer.

The app's UI seemes to have been built around the idea that not everyone is a computer whiz, allowing for quick and on-point conversion. Just insert the disc in the drive, select it as source device and wait for the content to be listed. Also, one should ensure that the drive used for ripping a disc is Blu-ray compatible, otherwise, the app cannot help you.

From that point, you can choose any title or item, and send them to whatever directory you wish, as MKV of course.

Blu-ray Video Grabber should provide a clean conversion, quality loss, or video/audio altering being out of the question.

To sum things up, Blu-ray Video Grabber looks like the type of tool that can help movie lovers get their hands on the contents of a Blu-ray disc. Even though Blu-ray players have dropped their prices over time, having to manage physical discs is a chore that many wish to avoid, especially when storage space is not an issue anymore.