Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro is the advanced version of Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst, a utility designed to lend you a hand with monitoring the spectrum frequency of the audio signals in real time. Similarly to the latter, the tool is developed to ensure maximum smoothness and high resolution for both frequency and time.

It is worth mentioning that the plug-in is capable of analyzing the signal in mono or dual channels and you can change the time response via the available attack and release parameters. Considering that each packs three distinct modes, namely peak, average and instant, and that the tool packs excellent zooming capabilities, you can perform a precise or fine-tuned frequency analysis.

As you would expect from a utility in this category, you can control the effects and output parameters in real time. In fact, thanks to transformation parameters like amount, reverse or offset, you can customize the generation of these values more accurately.

During the processing, you can check out the progress along with the effects of the modifications over time via the 2D or 3D waterfall mode spectrogram. It goes without saying that you can preview all channels with their exact coordinates display and zoom in or out whenever necessary.