Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer is a plugin that was designed to help certain computer users split audio signal into multiple frequency bands but also mix or process them individually. In order to be installed and launched on the target computer, it requires a host application, which can be any DirectX-, VST- or RTAS-compatible one.

The interface simulates one of a physical mixing console, making users that are familiar with that type of device operate its controls in a more efficient manner. Among the controls included for each band, it is possible to find bypassing, solo or mute. Users can isolate any band if they want to perform certain operations on it separately, such as adjusting the gain or manipulating the stereo image.

Each band can be operated separately with compatible VST, Audio Unit or VST3 plugins. Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer supports up to four plugins that can be loaded pre or post fader. It offers preset management components, integration for undoing or redoing, as well as latency compensation. Bands can be linked together in several ways.

This plugin features automation capabilities and is MIDI-friendly. Combining it with other similar utilities makes it possible to side-chain certain features.