Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi is a reliable audio analysis tool, which allows you to compare the stereo image of several tracks. The utility allows you to open several tracks and analyze the graphs in real time.

Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi comes as an addon for any compatible DirectX or VST hosts and allows you to quickly configure its settings. The tool can manage up to sixteen audio channels at the same time and analyze them using various algorithms.

The tool allows you to share information between several instances and to visualize the stereo spread of multiple audio tracks at once.

The tool allows you to set a multitude of parameters, such as graph curves and pan laws. The curve display can be filtered by their attributes: fill, antialiasing or name. You can modify the analysis parameter in real time, by changing the precision, gain, absolute/relative threshold. The Envelope section enables you to change the attack, release or peak reset values using the slider buttons.

Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi features an intuitive and visually appealing interface, divided into three sections, for easy management.

The main view is where the stereo images of the graph can be observed and in the Diff pane you can compare the visualization curves.

The Routing pane allows you to view a list of the available curves you wish to view and share with other plugin instances. The panel displayed in the main window also features four memory slots for each instance, in which you can save several curve types.

You can load a separate instance of Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi for each audio track in the host player. The Routing pane can be set for each instance you open, plus it allows you to map information with other instances, to easily share it. You need to select the curves you wish to display, also from the Routing pane.