Blue Mail is an application designed to help users concentrate all email clients into one application. While some years ago the idea was revolutionary, one can't help but think what could such an application bring to the table that hasn't been already brought on by Google, Microsoft or any other similar software developer. Not much, in this particular case. On the other hand, the application does perform very well, offering a smooth and bug-free experience.

Trying Blue Mail, like in any other similar app's cases, depends on whether or not you are currently satisfied with your product. If you are facing issues at this point with any similar programs on the market, Blue Mail could prove the stable program you are in desperate need of. If you're currently satisfied with your product, there is very little that could help you change your mind. Generally, Blue Mail seems to concentrate on polishing the final product it offers, something that is somewhat debatable in the case of competing applications.

The main point regarding this application seems to be user experience. The menu is well-ordered and the general feeling you have is that everything is within reach. It supports an extensive number of email accounts, including Exchange, Office365, AOL and iCloud accounts. It supports all email protocols (IMAP, SMTP, Exchange, ActiveSync, EWS, POP3), and it seems to not have any issues with any of them. The keyword here is once again experience. After using it, you might find it difficult to move to another application as the polishing factor, in this case, does weigh heavily.

Blue Mail is an application that won't really surprise you with new features or extended functionality. It's an application that seems to concentrate on user general experience and on offering a pleasant environment for you to work with when having to deal with email messages. As far as this is concerned, it manages to achieve its goal but it will need more than that if it is to attract newcomers on its side, given that the opposition is pretty serious in this particular software sector.