Blues Player is a unique and revolutionary solution of learning how to play blues music.

Blues Player is a Music Minus One system that runs on every Windows PC. By running such a system on the computer instead of a normal CD player, you get a lot of benefits and features that simply isn't possible on traditional hi-fi equipment.

Normally Music Minus One consists of some sheet material and a cd with static music tracks that sounds the same every time you play them. When practising to the music you have to start and play the same piece of music over and over again, so in the long run the music gets boring.

With Blues Player things are different. First of all you design your own band consisting of either drums, bass, piano or all three instruments together.

The system plays a 12 bar blues scheme over and over again, but each instrument consists of a lot of variations of the 12 bar blues. This means that every time the blues is repeated it will sound a bit different than the previous performance. This gives a more authentic feeling of playing with a live band.


■ 5 days trial.