If you are on the lookout for an approachable piece of software to help you turn PDF documents into Word files, Bodrag PDF Convert might be it since it brings at your fingertips a series of basic features packed in an intuitive user interface.

First things first, it should be said that installing the program is an undemanding operation any user should handle. Once you are done, you are welcomed by a wizard-driven GUI that walks you through the conversion process step by step.

Speaking of steps, there are only three of them you need to follow, which once again proves the application’s focus on simplicity.

As such, you first need to select the PDF document you intend to convert by clicking the “Browse” button. In case the document is password-protected, the program should be able to handle it as well. Before you leave this window, you also need to come up with a name for your output file, which, it need be mentioned, bear the DOC file format.

As for the second step you need to take, you need to select the conversion style. Your options in this regard as optimized and unoptimized layout. While the former preserves the original layout without frames, the latter maintains the text flows and makes the output file easy to edit.

Aside from that, the program enables you to specify whether or not you want to convert graphics elements as well as images, and that’s about it in terms of configurations since the last window you are prompted with lets you initiate the conversion.

When the operation is complete, a confirmation message is displayed, and accessing the newly created Word document is possible by resorting to a button integrated into the GUI.

All in all, Bodrag PDF Convert is an approachable piece of software you can turn in order to carry out quick PDF to Word conversions. The program sports a rather modest set of features, and the users it is targeting are novices.