Boomerang allows you to take a message out of your inbox for a predetermined amount of time. It's great for emails with events, deadlines, or that require follow-up.

Just right-click a message, select the time you need it again, and relax. Boomerang moves the message into its storage folder and gets it out of the way. At the time you chose, Boomerang automatically moves the message back into your inbox, marks it unread, and flags it for follow up so you can easily find it.

On average, we forget to follow up on dozens of messages each year. Every message that falls off our radar screen is a missed opportunity.

Boomerang is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that allows you to take a message out of your Inbox for a few hours or a few days, until you're ready to deal with it. Ask it to return a message tomorrow afternoon, and at noon tomorrow, it will bring that message back into your Inbox. Boomerang will help you remember to follow up on several messages at a later time.

Boomerang works much better than creating a calendar event out of the message. Boomerang lets you specify common return times, like tomorrow morning, or in a week, with one click. It also doesn't clutter your calendar with email messages that aren't really appointments. Plus, when the message is in your Inbox you have all the information you need to work on it without searching. And you can't accidentally close the reminder.

Boomerang has been extensively tested to make sure it won't slow down Outlook. It adds a new menu when you right-click a message, and that's it. It doesn't rearrange your messages or change Outlook from how you set it up.