When it comes to improving one’s productivity, there’s no good or bad way to go about it as what works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for the other.

Thankfully, there are various productivity-enhancing techniques out there (i.e. the Pomodoro technique – which relies on short 25-minute bursts of focus of study or work followed by a 5- minute break) you could employ to make sure that you maximize how you work.

Nevertheless, if your work heavily relies on Google Chrome and the online world, and some of the more traditional productivity methods/techniques out there seem a bit too “strict” or inflexible, then you should check out Boost.

In short, Boost is a nifty Google Chrome extension that helps you take regular breaks from your work and optimize your productivity and focus with the help of a wide variety of interesting video content while doing so.

The best thing about Boost is that it allows you to take fully customize 3 breaks (also called “boosts”) per workday. Once a timer is set, you’ll receive a desktop notification (followed by a sound notification as well) when it’s time for a break. Boost is also designed to repeat your schedule on weekdays (which you can also customize).

Another great aspect of the extension is the actual content it provides for your boosts or breaks. You can choose content from 7 sections namely Random, Inspirational, Educational, Yoga, Comedy, Exercise, and Mindfulness. There’s also a feature called Boost Launchpad that allows you to track your progress with the extension over time.

To get all of this, simply install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, create a Boost account (takes just a couple of seconds and requires a valid email), and that’s pretty much it. Just like most extensions, it lives in the Chrome toolbar, and you can access all its features from the Settings section. Speaking of Settings, it’s worth pointing out that Boost is surprisingly customizable. You can tweak various aspects regarding notifications, content, and the workweeks.

To conclude, Boost may not provide you with the most revolutionary method of improving your productivity but there's no denying the fact that we all need breaks from time to time. Boost allows you to take the said breaks and relax while still learning something new or watching something inspirational or uplifting which, for most, can prove to be extremely helpful when it comes to improving one’s workflow.