BoostDM stands for Boost Download Manager, an application ready to take over the download tasks initiated in major browsers installed on your computer. Thanks to its multi-threaded engine, this software utility promises to significantly increase your downloads speed.

Following a pretty straightforward installation process, BoostDM is automatically started and sent to the system tray. As it usually happens with download managers, it runs silently in the background, monitoring for new downloads.

BoostDM seamlessly integrates with all the major browsers, namely Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Brave, provided you install the corresponding extension from the Settings window. In other words, BoostDM can completely replace the default download manager of the aforementioned browsers.  Even if you do not want to install new extensions in your browsers, you can still use BoostDM to download files. The application also features clipboard monitoring. When a download link is copied to the clipboard while BoostDM is active, you are prompted to confirm the new download or send it to the download queue.

You are free to choose the user agent (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Android clients) and change the location where the grabbed files are saved. Further configuration settings allow the automatic execution of the downloaded file or opening the download folder after the operation is completed.

The download manager comes with support for multi-threaded downloads, providing support for up to 50 threads and simultaneous downloads. You can limit the download speed to save bandwidth.

There are also a few automation tasks that can make your life easier. For instance, BoostDM can exit the application or shut down the computer once its tasks are completed. More importantly, the download manager can integrate with your antivirus to scan the downloaded file automatically and make sure it is secure.

BoostDM is an interesting option if you are looking for a download manager. It comes with a few convenient functions, browser and clipboard integration, as well as an automatic malware checker with command-line support, features that make it worth a try.