Trying to sell a product is done easier with proper advertising. Creating a presentation can be done in various ways with different computer applications such as Boxshot. It gives you the possibility to design a virtual cover and enhance them with various effects.

The first thing that appears when running the application is a welcome screen. It gives you the possibility to start a new project, open a sample to get an example of what can be achieved, or get a few useful hints.

A side panel lets you choose from a vast library of 3D objects, which are easily placed on the workspace by dragging them from the list. Depending on the type of product you need to sell or make a presentation for, available options include bags, books, media disc covers, and not limited to decoration objects or devices.

Once an object is placed in the workspace, clicking on it activates a properties side panel. Each comes with specific parameters, depending on the type. Nearly every section can be resized and colored, as well as have a texture applied either from an integrated library or from your computer.

A set of sliders let you carefully adjust effect options like blur, opacity or reflection. Light sources can be added and positioned, as well as set intensity, attenuation options or choose to cast shadows.

When work is done, you can render the object and save it to file under some of the most commonly used formats.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Boxshot is an easy way to create a virtual cover for a product. The generous library offers neat content with the possibility to add your custom objects. Overall, with the intuitive design and in depth customization options manages to live up to expectations.