Taking notes is a good way of organizing your thoughts and ideas. It can be especially useful when learning something new or trying to create something.

Using the classic Notepad isn't always a good idea, as you will often end up with a congested text that will be hard to read through. Brainio is a program that can help you create and organize notes better.

Your notes can be both short and complex. When starting, you need to specify the title or header, which usually represents what you are taking notes for.

After that, you can create multiple nodes. This is basically where you start putting down the ideas of your plan. If they need any further explanation or contain multiple items or aspects, you can add further sub nodes to round them up.

But Brainio doesn't just let you create regular notes. Every time you create something, the program also arranges it in a separate mind map for easier viewing and understanding. They can also be colored for better differentiating.

If you wish to show your notes to any of your friends, it is easy. The program has a sharing feature where you only need to input their e-mail address to give them access to your writings.

Also, if you want to be able to use the notes outside the application, that is possible as well. With Brainio you can export your notes and mind maps to 6 different formats.

This last feature is a bit glitchy, however, and it can export multiple copies at once without asking you. It is not the worst thing ever, but it can get a little annoying.

Overall, the program has some neat features which are definitely worth trying out. Not only is it easy to use, but it also makes the notes look a lot more creative.