When starting a new business, it is very important to choose logo that is not only relevant to the said business, but is also eye catching. Since this might be hard to achieve, Brandee can offer a helping hand.

To make sure that you use the functions of this application as efficiently as possible, Brandee comes with a step by step interface. This way, you are guided to the next stage as soon as you completed the current one.

More specifically, You need to choose the domain of activity, such as advertising&media, agriculture, animal&pet, apparel&fashion, arts&photography, catering, cleaning, construction&handyman, entertainment, food&beverage, medical&pharmacy, research, security, sports&fitness, trade&logistics, education, engineering, IT and so on.

Next, you need to enter your brand name and slogan, then wait until Brandee comes up with several suggestions.

Once Brandee has generated a list with potential logos for your business, you can either save it just as it is to PNG or JPEG, or you can adjust some of its parameters manually.

For example, you can alter the font, size and opacity of the text, as well as tamper with the colors. You can rotate the brand name, then increase or decrease the space between the letters.

A handy utility included within Brandee is the color picker, which allows you to can create an entirely different color scheme simply by experimenting with the colors. Moreover, you also get the HTML color code so you can save them in a list to apply them in future projects as well.

All in all, Brandee can help you save time when it comes to designing your logo, without taking away your freedom to personalize it as you see fit.