Working a desk job can come with its own set of challenge, regardless of how carefree it may seem. For example, regardless of what line of work you are in, it is impossible not to need to open the occasional text or PDF document.

The real problems come when you work with CAD files since you need entire suits of programs installed on your PC, from the professional office suits to the professional CAD and image viewers and editors.

Since we all know how punishing they are on your PC's resources, especially while running, a lightweight solution that can replace all of them can be more than welcome, such as Brava! Desktop IXL.

Mostly, this program is made up of a plethora of other programs, all mashed up into a single package. This includes a text editor, a DWG viewer, a text reader and much more/

Brava! Desktop IXL allow you to open almost any file format you may need at the office, including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, image files, CAD drawings, 3D models and even video clips.

However, unlike other multi-purpose file viewers and editors, this one does not allow the source material to be edited or downloaded.

While being a multi-purpose file opener and editor, Brava! Desktop IXL is in no way superficial when it comes to the tools it provides when dealing with each file format.

For example, you can expect pretty much all the basic text editing features you may find in MS Word, such as text highlighting, document comparison and much more.

While Brava! Desktop IXL does not provide the complete functionality that each of its component's professional counterparts has to offer, the few tools that it provides are more than enough for the common office worker.