The purpose of Breakaway Live is to enhance the audio stream during live indoor sessions, be it in a restaurant, hotel, club, or even at home. This audio processor promises to help its users create a great listening experience for their audience without having to deal with complicated settings.

The Live edition of Breakaway aims to deliver consistent sound during live broadcasting. Low latency processing and reduced impact on system resources are features that make it perfect for real-time sound monitoring.

Furthermore, Breakaway Live comes with eight stereo processors that can support multiple speakers. In a way, one could say that it is a version of Breakaway Broadcast Processor that is optimized for live sessions. What's more, the two applications can be connected to one another through LiveLink, which will enable you to obtain high-end sound.

Just like all the other editions of Breakaway, Live features advanced peak level handling options and a small number of controls to deal with. In turn, those few sliders adjust a wide range of internal parameters that alter the output sound.

You can carefully adjust the volume with the 'Peak Ref Level' slider and control distortion using the 'Final Drive' slider. The 'Range' takes care of the excessive gain during silent intervals, and the ratio of the AGC and the multiband compressors is addressed by the 'Power' control. There are other options for adjusting the bass level and the frequency range.

Although hovering over each slider explains in a few words their main function, you should take the time to experiment with the application to obtain the perfect combination between volume and clarity for the room you are in and the type of music you are playing.

Breakaway Live comes with a generous collection of integrated presets that you can choose from, most of them also found in Breakaway Broadcast Processor. The additional microphone sound processing presets are designed for spoken announcements with no distortions or disruptions.

Good sound creates the pleasant atmosphere customers strive for, and that is what Breakaway Live promises to offer, priding itself in automatic volume matching, built-in presets for all indoor sizes or broadcasting types, and no-hassle usage. Nevertheless, it would be great if its developers could extend its compatibility on more recent operating systems.