The beat is at the heart of a song, so its dynamics and originality might make the difference between a hit in the club or a no-request. Knowing that, BreakTweaker assists producers, composers and music aficionados deliver thrilling and compelling sounds, allowing in-depth bass manipulation and high audio control.

First off, you should know that BreakTweaker is only deployed as a VST plugin, so a compatible plug-in host is required to use it. The virtual instrument can be integrated into some of the most popular audio processing applications out there.

The sequencer comes with sample drum sounds and beats, which allows you to experiment with different settings and discover the real potential of BreakTweaker.

A MIDI-driven instrument, BreakTweaker enables you to tamper with different MIDI settings and comes with a generous number of presets and patterns you can try out. Additionally, you can import new presets into your library.

There are various settings you can adjust to craft that perfect beat, starting with the track speed, the output gain, and the stereo pan. But what makes BreakTweaker stand out is the micro-editor, which enables you to take care of every aspect of a step in your tracks, providing outstanding control over the rhythm and the pitch.

Everything is intuitive; you can delete, insert and move steps in the beat using your mouse and, if you get stuck at any point, the tip bubbles might help.

BreakTweaker lets you bypass traditional sequencing and use its MicroEdit Engine to build the polyrhythmic beats of the future. Thanks to its fine tuning options and various presets, you can add texture to your sounds, perform audio modulation, adjust the amplitude, the pitch, and the wavetables; in less words, make your track sound more exciting and dynamic while preserving musicality.