Brick Pix is a creative and fun way to show your inner artistic skills by using only 1x1 toy-brick-themed squares. You can draw and adapt any idea to the brick-themed or the 8-bit-like art.

You can go ahead and begin drawing right from the start, as the program will open the drawing canvas window directly. The user interface provided by Brick Pix is a bit lackluster in terms of features, but those available are easy to access, and the menus work smoothly.

In the upper right corner, you will find a colored circle, and if you click it, a window will pop out. There, you can choose the colors you will be painting brick-shaped models on your canvas with.

There are lots of premade colors you can pick from, but there's no need to worry, as you can also create your custom color, through either RGB or HSV codes.

It works the same for the background, the only difference being that you need to access the color changer from the menu settings icon in the upper left corner. There, you will find more than the background color change option, as you will also be able to save and create a new picture or share it with your friends.

I do think an Undo feature should be available, especially since there's a big chance for you to often mess up your drawing, and is a bit cumbersome to color the background again unless you remember the values you set initially.

Another feature that could be of use is the option to change the brush size, so that you can draw bigger squares when needed and fill bigger spaces with ease, instead of just one at a time.

Brick Pix is a fun-to-use application, especially for kids who are bursting with creativity, but can also be used by people who love squared themed and 8-bit art.