When confronted with a frozen, crashed, or locked Android, most users panic at the thought of having their data lost forever. Fortunately, there are software utilities that could make the entire situation less dramatic and help your phone recover.

Broken Android Data Extraction is a piece of software that takes this task upon itself, helping you regain access to data that is no longer close at hand due to various issues that have broken the device.

Before anything else, it is worth pointing out that the application can currently handle only Samsung devices, so your options are not that varied in this regard, even though support for a multitude of models is provided.

Still, the app’s functionality compensates for this aspect. We state that because it is able to fix an impressive array of issues affecting your Android smartphone. As such, regardless of whether it has crashed, is locked, stuck in black screen or frozen, or experienced a virus attack, the program should be able to solve the problem and make the phone responsive.

As for how the fix can be applied, you need to connect your Samsung phone to your PC using a USB cable, then select and confirm its name and model. It is important to say that, during this operation, you need to be extra careful since an irresponsible choice could render your mobile useless.

Next, you should power the device off, press and hold the Volume Down button along with Home and Power. Then, pressing the Volume Up button should enable the download mode so that you can explore your options as far as data extraction is concerned.

And since we have mentioned this, we should also highlight the types of data the program can handle. Anything from media to messages, contacts, and documents can be extracted from a broken phone using the application.

All in all, Broken Android Data Extraction is an approachable app that should come in handy to users looking for a fast way of repairing their irresponsive phones. The program is intuitive and pretty useful when alternative solutions are dramatic, so giving it a chance could prove a good idea.