Brosix is a powerful and feature rich instant messaging application that is best suited for dynamic work environments where communication and file transfer between employees is crucial.

The application comes with support for text, voice and video chat along with file transfer capabilities, co-browsing, screen sharing and many more features and tools built to ensure successful interaction on all levels and in all situations.

Brosix doesn’t stand out much from popular IM applications out there today though it does have its distinctive features. It offers you the classic main window in which you can view all your contacts, edit your profile, share a status, initiate a conversation, send files and more.

From a design and layout point of view, Brosix is well put together meaning that you will not find yourself wasting time to figure out how to send a file or initiate a video call.

Brosix implements a series of features that make it very practical when working on a project with someone that is in a different location or when you need to offer first hand support to a problem.

The application offers the possibility for you and another to browse a website at the same time, making it easier and faster to research or locate something of interest. Moreover, with Brosix you can share your screen with a contact in your list. This means that you are able to not only view the other person’s screen but you can work with their mouse and keyboard, a feature that proves to be very handy if you’re in a situation where you have to explain something or resolve a technical issue.

Apart from the two mentioned above, Brosix also grants you the use of a ‘Whiteboard’ function which makes it possible for you and a co-worker to share an image or document and process it using various types of annotations.

The above mentioned facts are but of a few of the things that Brosix is capable of and on that note, it’s safe to say that it is a complete solution for any workplace or academic environment.