If protecting your online identity is a concern to you, you probably understand how specialized software can help you achieve quick, convenient results. Browsec Chrome Extension is one of the utilities that might come in handy since it can preserve your anonymous status by establishing a VPN connection.

Note that this software solution cannot function on your computer unless you provide it with a Google Chrome installation beforehand.

This extension comes with a simple, user-friendly interface, that features a handful of functions, which can be easily accessed by numerous users, regardless of their PC skills.

No additional configuration is required, since the purpose of this tool is quite simple: letting you browse anonymously as quickly and uncomplicated as possible.

Browsec Chrome Extension can help you maintain an anonymous status when browsing the Internet by quickly establishing a VPN connection.

Additionally, its functions also make it possible that you can access geographically restricted content by masking your geolocation from tracking services or access content that has been blocked by your supervisor or network administrator.

Browsec Chrome Extension integrates directly in your browser's toolbar and lets you benefit from its capabilities with minimum efforts, by toggling its On/Off switch.

More so, you can quickly view the status of your VPN connection by merely glancing at the extension button, as it is grayed out if inactive and colored whenever it is enabled. If you want to use another server for the connection, you can simply do so by clicking the Change Location button and select the desired one from the dedicated list.

To wrap it up, Browsec Chrome Extension is a lightweight VPN extension for Chrome that can help you browse anonymously and access restricted content quickly. It integrates efficiently directly in the Chrome toolbar, can be easily enabled or disabled and provides you with a list of servers that can be used to establish a VPN connection.