It is a well-known fact that the webpages you visit gather information about your browsing habits so it is only normal for you to seek for ways to protect your identity. One method to achieve this is by rerouting the Internet traffic via a VPN network. While there are desktop applications that provide access to VPN servers, the most convenient and less intrusive practice is to use a targeted browser extension, such as Browsec.

This particular addon is available for the major web browsers. Browsec for Firefox is as easy to install as is any other extension in Mozilla’s add-ons repository. No restart is required and the VPN will be ready to use in an instant. 

As soon as you install it and grant it the required permissions, Browsec places a new icon in the browser’s toolbar. Clicking on it reveals the VPN status, while also providing one-click access to all the available configuration settings. 

Connecting to the VPN is a matter of clicking a button. While connected, your real IP address and your location are hidden and all the connections going through Firefox are encrypted. You can change the VPN server at any point without a lot of effort.

Browsec for Firefox comes with the so-called “smart settings”, which allow you to apply certain connection filters. For instance, you can configure Browsec to turn itself off when visiting certain webpages or use a specific VPN server for the specified URLs.

It is also possible to enable Browsec for WebRTC connections and modify the browser’s timezone according to the active VPN connection. 

With the ever-growing number of threats and identity theft attempts, privacy protection has become a major concern among computer users. With Browsec, not only that you will conceal your real identity but you will be able to access content that is otherwise unavailable to you due to geographical restrictions.