Buddy API was designed to be an Xtra for use with Adobe Director and Authorware which allows access to system functions. It contains over 200 functions to read and control system settings and to work with files and dialogs.

- baVersion

returns version info (Windows, NT, DOS, QuickTime, VFW)

- baSysFolder

returns location of system folders

- baCpuInfo

gets information (type, speed) about the processor installed


gets information (type, size, name, number) about a disk

- baDiskList

returns list of available drives

- baMemoryInfo

gets information about system memory

- baFindApp

finds the application associated with a file type

- baReadIni

reads Windows ini file

- baWriteIni

writes an entry to a Windows ini file

- baFlushIni

forces Windows to write an ini file to disk

- baDeleteIniEntry

deletes entry from an .ini file

- baDeleteIniSection

deletes section from an .ini file

- baReadRegString

reads Registry string value

- baWriteRegString

writes string value to the Registry

- baReadRegNumber

reads Registry number value

- baWriteRegNumber

writes number value to the Registry

- baReadRegBinary

reads Registry binary value

- baWriteRegBinary

writes binary value to the Registry

- baReadRegMulti

reads Registry multi string value

- baWriteRegMulti

writes multi string value to the Registry

- baDeleteReg

deletes Registry entry

- baRegKeyList

returns a list of sub-keys inside a registry key

- baRegValueList

returns a list of values inside a registry key

- baSoundCard

checks whether a sound card is installed

- baFontInstalled

checks whether a font is installed

- baFontList

returns a list of installed fonts

- baFontStyleList

returns a list of available styles for a TrueType font

- baCommandArgs

returns the command line arguments

- baPrevious

checks whether a previous instance is running

- baScreenInfo

gets information (width, height, etc) of the screen

- baMultiDisplayInfo

gets information about the screens in the system

- baMultiDisplayList

gets list of the screens in the system

- baGestalt

returns the value of a Gestalt selector

- baGestaltExists

checks if a Gestalt selector exists

System functions

- baDisableDiskErrors

disables the 'Drive not ready' error message

- baDisableKeys

disables/enables key presses

- baDisableMouse

disables/enables mouse clicks

- baDisableSwitching

disables/enables task switching

- baDisableScreenSaver

disables/enables the screen saver

- baScreenSaverTime

sets the screen saver time out

- baSetScreenSaver

sets the screen saver

- baSetWallpaper

sets the desktop wallpaper

- baSetPattern

sets the desktop pattern

- baDesktopColor

returns the desktop color

- baSetDesktopColor

sets the desktop color

- baSetDisplay

sets the screen size and depth

- baSetDisplayEx

sets the screen size and depth

- baSetMultiDisplay

sets the screen size and depth

- baExitWindows

exits or restarts Windows

- baRunProgram

runs an external program

- baWinHelp

shows a Windows help file

- baMsgBox

shows standard system message box

- baMsgBoxButtons

sets button text for baMsgBox

- baMsgBoxEx

shows custom message box


shows prompt dialog box

- baLogIn

shows log in dialog box

- baTaskDialog

shows a Vista style Task Dialog

- baSleep

pauses the calling Director/Authorware program

- baHideTaskBar

shows/hides the task bar or dock

- baSetCurrentDir

changes the DOS current directory

- baCopyText

copies text to the clipboard

- baPasteText

pastes text from the clipboard

- baEncryptText

encrypts a text string

- baDecryptText

decrypts a text string

- baPlaceCursor

positions the cursor

- baRestrictCursor

restricts the cursor to a specific screen area

- baFreeCursor

allows the cursor to move anywhere on the screen

- baSetVolume

sets the sound volume

- baGetVolume

gets the current sound volume

- baEnvironment

returns an environment variable

- baSetEnvironment

sets an environment variable

- baAdministrator

returns Administrator status

- baUserName

returns name of current user

- baUserShortName

returns short name of user

- baComputerName

returns name of computer

- baLanguage

returns the language currently in use

- baIsLimited

checks if being run as a Limited user under Vista.

- baIsVirtualized

checks if file access is being virtualized under Vista.

- baInstallFont

installs TrueType or bitmap font

- baKeyIsDown

checks whether a key is being held down

- baKeyBeenPressed

checks whether a key has been pressed

- baCapsLockOn

determines the state of the Caps Lock key

- baSetCapsLockOn

sets the state of the Caps Lock key

- baNumLockOn

determines the state of the Num Lock key

- baSetNumLockOn

sets the state of the Num Lock key

- baEjectDisk

ejects CD

- baCreatePMGroup

creates a Start Menu group

- baCreatePMCommonGroup

creates a Start Menu group

- baDeletePMGroup

deletes a Start Menu group

- baPMGroupList

returns list of Start Menu groups

- baPMSubGroupList

returns list of Start Menu groups inside another group

- baCreatePMIcon

creates a Start Menu icon

- baDeletePMGroup

deletes a Start Menu icon

- baPMIconList

returns list of icons in a Start Menu group

- baSystemTime

returns the current system time/date

- baSetSystemTime

sets the system time/date

- baPrinterInfo

returns information about the installed printer

- baSetPrinter

changes settings for the default printer

- baPrintDlg

shows printer dialog box

- baPageSetupDlg

shows page setup dialog box

- baRefreshDesktop

refreshes the desktop icons

- baRefreshFiles

refreshes the desktop database

- baSetCursor

sets a system cursor

- baLoadDefaultCursors

loads the user's default cursors

- baCreateGUID

creates a unique GUID

File functions

- baFileAge

returns the age of a file

- baFileExists

checks whether a file exists

- baIsBundle

checks if a file is a bundle

- baFolderExists

checks whether a folder exists

- baCreateFolder

creates a new folder

- baDeleteFolder

deletes an empty folder

- baRenameFile

renames a file or folder

- baDeleteFile

deletes a file

- baDeleteXFiles

deletes files with wildcard matching

- baXDelete

deletes files with wildcard matching, including sub-directories

- baFileDate

returns the date of a file

- baFileDateEx

returns the date of a file/folder

- baSetFileDate

sets the date of a file

- baFileSize

returns the size of a file

- baFileSizeEx

returns the size of a folder

- baFileAttributes

returns the attributes of a file

- baSetFileAttributes

sets the attributes of a file

- baFilePermissions

returns the Unix file permissions

- baSetFilePermissions

set the Unix file permissions

- baFileType

returns the four character type code of a file

- baFileCreator

returns the four character creator code of a file

- baSetFileInfo

sets the type or creator of a file

- baRecycleFile

places a file in the recycle bin.

- baCopyFile

copies a file

- baCopyXFiles

copies multiple files with wildcard matching

- baXCopy

copies multiple files with wildcard matching, including sub-directories

- baXCopyProgress

copies file while displaying progress bar

- baCopyXFilesProgress

copies multiple files while displaying progress bar

- baXCopyProgress

copies multiple files, including sub-folders, while displaying progress bar

- baFileVersion

returns the version of a file

- baFileList

returns a list of files in a folder

- baFolderList

returns a list of folders in a folder

- baGetFilename

displays a file selection dialog

- baGetFilenameEx

displays a file selection dialog

- baGetFolder

displays a folder selection dialog

- baGetFiles

displays a file selection dialog

- baGetDisk

displays a disk selection dialog

- baFolderSize

returns the size of a folder

- baMoveOnReboot

moves a file on system reboot

- baFindFirstFile

searches for the first file matching a specification

- baFindNextFile

searches for the next file matching a specification

- baFindClose

finishes a search started with baFindFirstFile

- baEncryptFile

encrypts/decrypts a file

- baFindDrive

searches all drives for a specified file

- baShell

executes a file

- baOpenFile

opens a file using it's associated program

- baOpenURL

opens a URL using the default browser

- baPrintFile

prints a file using it's associated program

- baShortFileName

returns the DOS version of a Win95 long file name

- baLongFileName

returns the long version of a short file name

- baTempFileName

returns a temporary file name guaranteed not to exist

- baHfsName

returns the Hfs name of a file

- baUnixName

returns the Unix name of a file

- baReturnUnixNames

sets whether to return file names in Unix or Hfs format

- baMakeShortcut

creates a shortcut

- baMakeShortcutEx

creates a shortcut

- baResolveShortcut

returns the file a shortcut points to

- baBundleApp

returns the application file inside a bundle

Window functions

- baWindowInfo

returns info (state, size, position, title, class) of a window

- baFindWindow

finds a window with given title or class

- baWindowList

returns a list of all windows with given title or class

- baChildWindowList

returns a list a window's child windows

- baActiveWindow

returns the active window

- baCloseWindow

closes a window

- baCloseApp

closes the application owning a window

- baSetWindowState

minimises, maximises, hides a window

- baActivateWindow

activates the specified window

- baSetWindowTitle

set the caption of a window

- baMoveWindow

moves/resizes a window

- baWindowToFront

brings a window to the front of other windows


sends a window to the back of other windows

- baWindowDepth

gets the z-order depth of a window

- baSetWindowDepth

sets the z-order depth of a window

- baWaitForWindow

waits until a specified window is in a specified state

- baWaitTillActive

waits until a specified window becomes the active one

- baNextActiveWindow

returns the next window to become active

- baWindowExists

checks that a window handle is valid

- baGetWindow

returns a window related to another window

- baSendKeys

sends simulated key presses to the active window

- baMouseClick

simulates a mouse click

- baSendMsg

sends a windows message to a window

- baAddSysItems

adds System menu, min and max boxes

- baRemoveSysItems

removes System menu, min and max boxes

- baClipWindow

removes edges from window

- baSetParent

makes a window a child of another window

- baWinHandle

returns the main Director or Authorware window

- baStageHandle

returns the Director stage window

Registration functions

- baAbout

shows information about Buddy API

- baRegister

registers Buddy API

- baSaveRegistration

saves your registration information

- baGetRegistration

retrieves your registration information

- baFunctions

retrieves the number of functions you are licenced to use

- baUsedFunctions

returns a list of all the functions you have called