Built4Pets is an advanced yet easy to understand software solution that was designed to help you keep track of your pets’ personal information, including medical issues, diet plan, vaccination status and various other such details.

The program does not require installation in order to function, so you can simply decompress the archive and run the executable to get started. You need to provide the credentials for your account or input ‘pets’, the default username, which can later be changed.

The main dashboard of Built4Pets allows you to switch between ‘Records’, ‘Provider’ and ‘Pets’, each section enabling you to monitor different aspects about the animal in your care.

For starters, you will need to populate Built4Pets’ database with initial information on each animal that you have, be it cat, dog, bird or other. It can later be further developed, as time passes, with newer data.

For starters, you will need to enter the name, type, gender and breed, as well as the height, weight and coloring of the animal; you can also load a picture. Subsequently, you can begin adding information about its day to day activities in the ‘Diary’.

Also, you can complete its ancestry in the ‘Genealogy’ tab or supply details about its identification chip. At the same time, Built4Pets lets you keep track of vaccines, medication, diet restrictions and medical visits.

In the ‘Provider’ section, you can input all the veterinary clinics or pharmacies that you regularly go to, their working hours and contact details. From the ‘Records’ tab, you can further manage medical issues concerning your companion and offer more detailed information.

To conclude, Built4Pets is a handy and intuitive application that can serve medical practitioners in better managing the pets that come through  their office, as well as owners who wish to have a better grip on their animals’ health.