Built4Recipes is a reliable tool that enables you to create and manage a digital cookbook, in which you may store any recipe. The software allows you to store recipes, along with the list of ingredients, instructions, images or documentation. Moreover, the software can generate reports based on specified criteria.

Built4Recipes offers you a user-friendly storage space, dedicated to keeping food recipes, along with lists of ingredients, spices, emergency replacements and cooking instructions. The software allows you to create a real presentation page for each meal you wish to cook, by importing images and other documentation of your choice.

The application allows you to create a profile page for each recipe you enter in the database, in which to insert the complete list of ingredients, measurements and cooking instructions. Additionally, it offers you a unit conversion table, dedicated to helping you accurately measure all the quantities. Moreover, you can actively convert a particular value from one unit into another, cy choosing from the available options.

Built4Recipes features a user-friendly application which allows you to easily sort the recipes according to the type of meal you can prepare. You may then easily search for them, with the help of the dedicated engine. Alternatively, you may view detailed reports, based on the recipes contained in each category, spices or substitutions. You may view or modify a recipe at any time, by switching to the Edit mode.

You may thus change the name, ingredients’ list, instructions and other information about a recipe. The supported categories include: appetizers, beverages, breads, chef’s choices, copycat recipes, desserts, home made dishes, main courses, salads, side dishes, snacks soups or pets food.

Built4Recipes allows you to create a large database in which to store all your favorite meal recipes. Thus, it acts as a digital cookbook, that you can browse at any time. Each recipe profile can contain images, important documentation, a list of substitutions, cooking instructions and any detail that you find necessary. The software comes in two versions: the stand alone application and the Filemaker plugin.