Bulgarian Greek Dictionary is a straightforward application that comes packed with a bilingual dictionary for helping users improve their overall knowledge for the Bulgarian and Greek languages.

It sports a clean and simple interface that allows users to perform different searches between the two languages. The search process can be carried out by looking for whole words or separate combinations of letters.

Since both languages adopt the Cyrillic alphabet, the application comprises two alphabets, which prove to be very useful especially for beginners. It also features text-to-speech tool for helping users learn how words are pronounced.

Bulgarian Greek Dictionary allows you to add new words to the dictionary database, and you can select the font, style and color. What’s more, you can create a simple dictionary from scratch by selecting the type (standard or encyclopedic) and language, as well give details about the name, publisher and file name.

The application comes packed with preset learning methods, as it gives users the possibility of finding out how to pronounce different words. You can make the program display random words and adjust the speed of the pronunciation. What’s more, you can play the well-known game Hangman and create a list with learning words.

Additional settings enable users to pick the transparency level and make the program remain on top of other apps.

All in all, Bulgarian Greek Dictionary is a handy application that helps users improve their vocabulary language skills easily and with minimum effort.

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