BulkWhoisFinder is a tool especially created to offer you a simple and effective means in which you can obtain detailed information about a domain’s ownership.

With it you can extract data about the domain registration and expiration dates, latest update time, the server that hosts it, organization name, registered email and much more.

The interface design for BulkWhoisFinder revolves around the use of the popular Microsoft Office ribbon which means that all the features and functions that you need are easily accessible to you.

BulkWhoisFinder’s main window is comprised of three main sections, the ribbon, a domains/categories list and the actual viewing area for the extracted data. After the application scans the domains you chose, it displays all the information in a table layout, making it easy for you to pinpoint the data you need.

BulkWhoisFinder offers you the possibility to manually select the information columns that you want it to display. From a simple list, in addition to the ones that have previously been mentioned, you can choose to view the registration and tech city, address, phone, fax, as well as IP, and domain ID columns.

Besides extracting the information you need, BulkWhoisFinder also enables you to export it to a number of formats, further allowing you to use it with other applications.

You are free to save the tables into the popular XLS, CSV, TXT, DOC and PDF formats that are used by the greater majority of third party applications which can further process the data. Since you can gather information for multiple domains at a time, it’s only fair that BulkWhoisFinder allows you to choose whether you want to export information for all of them or a single one.

To sum things up, BulkWhoisFinder is a practical tool that allows you to quickly and effortlessly gather information about the domains you are interested to buy or sell.