Burn My Files is yet another burning solution that lets you create data, music and video discs.

As compared to traditional programs that come with a stand-alone interface requiring users to select the files to be burned to disc, Burn My Files sports shell integration for a quicker burning task.

Simply right-click the files you want to burn and hit the dedicated option in the Windows Context Menu to launch Burn My Files.

Once it loads, Burn My Files shows the selected files, but also lets you choose between multiple types of projects, including data, music or video discs. What's more, you can burn ISO image files, or even create such a disk image with just a few clicks.

Disc erasing utilities are there too in case you want to clean a rewritable disc, and so is a disc information utility to provide details about the inserted media.

The burning engine seems to be fast and reliable and we didn't experience any significant slowdown in computer performance during our testing. Furthermore, all tasks were completed without errors or any other interruptions.

With all these being said, Burn My Files is indeed a helpful product, although there's still a lot of work to be done here.

The idea behind the product is good, but it simply needs support for many more burning projects, as well as more configuration options to address professional users too. It's a good thing that the app is easy to use, but there are plenty of similar apps out there doing the same job for free.