With a name that reveals its whole purpose, Business Card Creator Software can prove useful to anyone who wants to create and print great-looking business cards without having to work with applications that require complex configurations.

Focusing on ease of use, this particular software solution can guide you through the process of generating your business card in an instant. Basically, the only requirement is to enter detailed information about your company and contact methods.

The main interface consists of a single window split into two separate panes, one for entering the necessary data and the other for previewing the result. You can input the company name, tagline, a maximum of five addresses, as well as contact details, such as the e-mail address and the official website URL. Optionally, a locally stored picture can be added onto the business card and automatically re-sized to fit onto the card.

Business Card Creator Software is capable of printing multiple cards onto a single page. It saves the output document as XPS or OXPS for further processing.

While ease of use and live preview are definitely strong points of this application, there are also some aspects that could use some improvements. For instance, Business Card Creator Software only comes with a single, rather dull design, unlike other similar applications that provide variate and diverse collections of templates you can use.

A business card includes essential information about a company, representing one of the most important elements in the marketing strategy. Therefore, you might want to think twice about its design and presentation. Business Card Creator Software can indeed provide fast processing speed, but it cannot help you generate compelling, striking visual designs that you could impress your clients and partners with.