Business Cards & Certificates Deluxe comes bundled with a wide diversity of customizations to help make personal or business cards and certificates, with only a few clicks.

It's wrapped in an outdated yet well-structured layout, displaying several handy toolbars in the upper part of the window and the working area. The app supports open multiple tabs, making the editing process much faster, however, you can't duplicate the cards in one page, directly from the editor. When creating a new card, a wizard is brought up, which guides you through five simple steps, suitable for those who don't need sophisticated items.

You can choose from business card and certificate, each one providing different elements. The first option, lets you pick the orientation (horizontal, vertical), the background, from a broad range of styles (e.g. carpet, beam, agate, clouds) and colors, along with the layout, and the details. Similar components are available for certificates as well.

The information can be entered directly from the wizard or by making a new database from the menu. Once a record is added to the setup, it's automatically inserted into the contact list. The supported image formats are JPG, BMP, CAL, IMG, GIF, PCX, and TGA. If you wish to further alter the output you can skip the printing step.

Double-clicking on an element brings up a small editor, where you can change the field, font type, alignment, and size. Similar options are applied for all the displayed data. In addition, geometrical shapes (e.g. ellipse, rectangle, lines), text, and graphics can be entered. The output may be exported as a picture, and printed out, once you are done.

The bottom line is that Business Cards & Certificates Deluxe is a reliable and user-friendly program designed to offer a professional yet easy way to create unique business cards and certificates, to congratulate your friends or family.