Starting a new business can always be challenging, regardless of the scope and field, and initially, one of the most demanding aspects can be that of promoting the business. This can be achieved in numerous ways, but one way of effectively distributing information is via mailing lists. Business Promotion Software for startups, just as its name aptly suggests, was created in order to offer users dedicated means of establishing a mailing strategy for promoting their business by sending targeted messages to multiple contacts and even multiple mailing lists, from several accounts.

The application features a quite simple deployment, which is followed by an even simpler initialization, thanks to the clear interface and distinct features, which are easy to access and well-chosen.

We feel that this significantly improves the overall simplicity and handling efficiency, as you will be able to quickly determine if you wish to set up your SMTP server, add or manage contacts, as well as compose a message.

Starting with the quite comprehensive SMTP server connection wizard for the email accounts, and all the way up to importing individual contacts or contact lists for mailing lists, everything is well thought out and there are plenty of opportunities to customize each step in great detail.

Having established connectivity with one or multiple email servers, users can then proceed to compose a preferred message and send it to the added contacts, all in just a few clicks, quite effectively.

This application addresses those who need a tool for emailing messages from multiple email accounts to mailing lists, with control over the entire process, from server connectivity, all the way down to customizing the bulk messaging.