BusinessSkinForm is an extensive VCL library that packs over 120 components that can come in handy when you are working on applications that feature skin support for hints, menus, forms as well as many standard controls (navigator, grid, ctrl grid, edit, memo, combo box, list box, lookup controls, so on and so forth).

Even though it includes dozens of skins, Ribbon UI controls and application menus, you should bear in mind that the tool also comes with an editor that allows you to create the exact skins you want. The feature can be useful for developers who want to use a certain skin or menu as their trademark.

It is important to note that the application requires you to install Delphi 5-Berlin or C++ 5-Berlin for installing any component that it includes in the database or you create yourself. Nevertheless, the setup for the components is as simple as it gets and entails choosing the installation package and then selecting the correct BPL file to be installed.

As far as the skin creation process it concerned, it usually implies following several steps, depending on whether you want to include a form info, popup window or hint window. Once you gather the bitmap images and access the setup section, you should know that BusinessSkinForm allows you to add metadata to your skins, such as author name, email, URL and comments, if any.