Button Constructor is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use application that comes in handy for web designers to create amazing buttons for their homepages or friends.

It's wrapped in a tabbed and clean interface with all the options nicely structured into separate tabs for easy access to their functions. Due to its user-friendly layout, even those less experienced in making HTML buttons can use the app with ease.

From the general tab, you can change the button name, set the CSS class, and choose the output, from HTML, ASP.NET or PHP. The next step would be to type in the desired word or phrase, pick the font type, size, color, and style you want, and set the position.

It's possible to select the button's shape from ellipse, triangle, rectangle or rounded corner rectangle. You can either enable the auto resize option or manually change the button's size. Plus, it can be rotated left and right. Regarding the background, you have the choice to use a solid color, create a gradient with custom tones or use an image from the computer. The color alignment can be horizontal, backward diagonal, outwards, vertical or inwards.

Button Constructor offers the option to apply a Vista style to your buttons, selecting from render or hamburger, and adjusting the alpha, red, green, and blue color channels to get the desired tone. In addition, you can pick the orientation (e.g. horizontal, vertical, forward diagonal). From the last tab, you can apply a color effect from sepia, invert or grayscale, enable mirror effect, as well as transform the solid text color into gradient for a unique result.

Taking everything into account, Button Constructor is a reliable and useful program designed to offer an easy method to create amazing buttons with custom text, color, and effects. They can be integrated into webpages with ease.