The bx_meter is a sophisticated metering and measurement tool that allows you to visually analyze your audio signal in many useful ways. We believe your mixes will benefit from proper dynamics, especially from a certain range of dynamics your music has. Too loud mixes often sound squashed, and in long mixing sessions your ears often get used to the squashed sound so you´re losing objectivity.

bx_meter will show you Peak and RMS values of your mixes, and in addition to that it will show you the relation between both with the centered DYNAMIC LEDs.

bx_meter has a Mid / Side mode (Sum and Difference) and a Link mode (Mono) in addition to the standard L/R mode, and it offers 3 different weightings and Bob Katz’ K-Metering standards K-20, K-14 and K-12 (metering modes) to be used to display the loudness and dynamics. Furthermore, this tool also includes multiple solo switches as well as some additional features such as the floating dynamic LED mode.

The vertical layout will make it easy for you to place bx_meter on the right side of your screen without burying other plugins or important sequencer data, and the size of the meter is big enough to show you even the slightest details.