The Internet Explorer Cache (Temporary Internet Files) is the location on your hard disk where Web pages and files (such as graphics) are stored as you view them. This speeds up the display of pages you frequently visit or have already seen, because Internet Explorer can open them from your hard disk instead of from the Web.

Cache Auditor is a simple tool for reviewing of the pages and files saved in the Internet Explorer cache. Unlike other similar programs, Cache Auditor is intended not only for reviewing, but also for searching of special resources in the IE cache.

Here are some key features of "Cache Auditor":

Cache Auditor gives you a hierarchical view of your cache, grouped by hosts and subdirectories. Host/path filtering allows to restrict the list of displayed hosts/paths.

■ Built-in HTML-viewer quickly displays cached pages and files without external browser starts. Resource grabber provides the simple extracting of necessary resources from the IE cache.

■ The web-designers can swiftly research the just now visited site structure and extract the interested resources. The image-collectors can quickly extract the seen pictures from the cache instead of individual saving of each one. The parents can see what their kids did in the Internet.

■ Multilanguage support (English and German).

■ Erases Internet tracks


■ 30 day trial period