Code snippets can make a programmer’s work a lot easier, but only if they are easy to find. If you have to waste a few minutes searching for a specific bit of code, you might as well just write it from scratch.

Cacher is a cross-platform application that aims to help you and your team make the most of code snippets. It enables you to organize them effectively and share them with others, and it supports syntax highlighting for pretty much every popular programming language.

Once you’ve logged in, you can begin adding snippets to your personal library right away, and a quick user guide is available to help you get the hang of things. The application is remarkably intuitive, so you shouldn’t run into any issues.

If you want to use this utility to collaborate with others, you should start by creating a team and sending out invitations via e-mail. Everyone will be able to access the shared snippets from any location and multiple platforms.

No matter which programming language you are using for your project, Cacher is pretty much guaranteed to support syntax highlighting. Multiple labels can be assigned to each snippet, and a simple search function is also available.

A share page is generated for each snippet once it is created, and you can provide this link to any user, whether or not they have a Cacher account. If snippets are not set as private, they will also appear in a special section on the application’s homepage, where visitors can see and save them.

If you use GitHub Gist to store and share code snippets, you can synchronize your GitHub and Cacher accounts so that your data will be updated automatically after every modification.

If you want to make sure only useful snippets are added, you can enable code reviews. When this feature is activated, all team snippets must be reviewed by another member before they are saved.

In short, Cacher is a great tool for both individual programmers and teams who are looking for a more efficient way to organize and share code snippets. It offers a ton of useful features, all packed into a modern, intuitive UI.

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