CAD Password is a useful solution when you wish to decode password protected AutoCAD files, in a simple manner. The program is capable of finding the password, by applying one of the several supported algorithms. You can use the dictionary method, brute force or a mode that combines the previous two.

CAD Password supports processing AutoCAD drawing files, meaning you can load one DWG format documents. The application can only process one file at a time, given its nature and supports drawings created with several editions of AutoCAD, including 2007 and 2010.

The program allows you to select the method you wish to apply in finding the password for the current file. You can easily configure the list of options, as well as edit each method.

You can select the dictionary method, in which the passwords are created based on a word list. The Brute-Force mode compares the password to all possible character combinations.

CAD Password allows you to create a decryption mode that best defines your requirements. You can select either the dictionary mode, brute-force or a mode that combines elements from these two.

For instance, if you know that the password only contains digits from 1 to 5, only upper/lower case letters or only special characters, you can select the appropriate options. The mixed method also allows you to provide parts of the password.

You may customize the decoding methods to reduce the time necessary for analyzing and comparing the password with various word combinations.

CAD Password can ensure the decryption of AutoCAD files in a safe manner, causing no data loss or alteration during the process. The program can indicate any error that may occur during the process in its main window, which acts as a console. The notifications include files not being supported, not being encrypted or a failure to find the password.