CADReader is a handy application for all those who want to analyze and measure data in their CAD drawings.

The software solution comes with an intuitive graphic interface that helps even those with little PC skills to use it.

You need to start by loading your CAD file, be it DWG or DXF. You can navigate to its location manually or you can drag and drop it onto the main window.

Alternatively, you can import package files (CRP format), then extract the drawing to a custom location. This way, the app places the comments at the proper location and loads them automatically when you open the drawing.

Due to CADReader, you can make multiple types of measurements between the elements of your loaded drawing.

More specifically, you can perform linear or aligned measurements, along with calculating areas of rectangles or polygons. You can easily mark the starting and ending points for these areas using solely the mouse.

Another useful feature of CADReader is the fact that you can enhance your drawings by adding single line text snippets.

You can also add freehand drawings to the project, yet you cannot personalize any settings in this regard (such as brush type, size, or color).

CADReader can also come in handy when you want to rotate the loaded CAD file. You can rotate it 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise, as well as rotate by custom direction.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can restore the file to the original view by simply pressing the dedicated button.

You need to keep in mind that CADReader is only a viewer, meaning that you cannot edit your CAD files. Instead, you can manage their layers, measure length and areas, scale distances find contents and print the file.