While working with numbers, it is important to have a powerful calculator that can help you perform various calculations and conversions.

Calc4all is a reliable and powerful application that can help you calculate all sorts of values for various units, such as area, volume or temperature. You can even calculate loan and credit expenditures.

The program can help you compute certain calculations for various numerical bases, such as binary, octal or hexadecimal. Furthermore, you can convert each result to a base, in order to use it differently.

The application can convert various area sizes in order to ease-off your work. You can select the type of measuring standard used, which can be either metric or imperial units. Volume calculation is done similarly, the only difference being the third dimension that you need enter.

In addition, Calc4all supports a lot of conversions, such as temperature, length, volume, weight, area, speed, time or data storage. These conversions cover most scientific areas, easily making this application very practical and flexible.

Aside from unit conversion and calculations, the application offers you many side features that can fasten your work. You can print your current calculations, or use the “Loan Calculator” function in order to compute the total expenditures that you could have in case you want to make a credit.

Additionally, keyboard shortcuts can be used to work faster and safer, because using the mouse takes more time.

Calc4all can fasten your work by providing you with an ideal environment for calculating various results and then converting it to various numerical bases. Besides numeric base conversion, you can convert other values, such as temperature, volume or length, which make the application practical and flexible.